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Animal - Guitars [1991-present]
Splatt - Bass / Vocals [1993-present]
Dre - Vocals
Scump - Drums

past members:
Damon Enright - Guitars [1991-2001 off and on]
Ron Taz Middleton - Drums [1992-1997]
Colin Ward - Guitar [1994-1995]
Luke underhill - Vocals [2004-2007]
Scott Graves - Drums [1997-2004]
fuckEd Watt - Drums [2005-2009]
Juri Rollo - Vocals [2000-2004]
Nox - Vocals [2010-2011]

The Wall 1992-2007
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Here's just a small handful of some of
the shows we've played over the years

Voici une petite poignée de certains des spectacles
que nous avons joués au fil des années.


sept16 sept17

Feb 12 - NitemarE headlined their CD release show featuring Spewgore, Necrodios, Torque Down, Black Elysium @ Duffy's, Toronto (holy fuck what a night!)


Dec 26 - NitemarE played with Manahan @ Rockpile, Toronto

Nov 12 - NitemarE with RAZOR, Fatality, Aggressor, Vindicator, Joe Thrasher @ elMocambo in Toronto

No shows played these years due to recording, lineup changes, and the usual bullshit.

August 15 2007-NitemarE played with Premature Burial, Crimson Shadows, Soulcrush @ Richie's Rock bar, Timmins
August 18 2007-NitemarE played with Exciter @ Reverb, Toronto

February 25 2006-NitemarE played with Anvil in Etobicoke
April 26 2006-NitemarE played with Will Of The Ancients, Remain, Heaps Of Dead, Horde Of Worms, Maniak @ Trinport Club
August 19 2006-NitemarE played with Anvil & Warmachine @ Kathedral, Toronto
Octover 13 2006-NitemarE played with TESTAMENT @ Reverb, Toronto
Octover 26 2006-NitemarE played with Horde Of Worms @ Sneaky Dee's, Toronto


no shows

Message from ANIMAL...
"We knew in advance that Graves(former drummer) was leaving the band. We had planned on using the Gates Of Hell fest as a send-off so to speak, but unfortunatly, things did not work out that way. We have no regrets about not playing with these Canadian legends as we have played with all of them numerous times and are quite good friends with them all. The dissapointment does come, however, in the fact we were not properly able to give Graves a good Toronto send-off."
"With that said, there will be NO shows booked for this year. This is the first time in history that NitemarE has not played at least one show in a calender year. However... We, NitemarE, are extremely pleased with the way events have unfolded since and are currently working away with WATT on new material which we will be presenting in the new year. We thank you all for being patient and look forward to seeing you in the new year. \M/ "

July 24, 2004 - "Gates Of Hell" with Razor, Exciter, Anvil, Warmachine, Visions Of The Night, Rotting, Soul Less Divine, Will Of The Ancients. Note - The show was AMAZING!!!

December 20, 2003 -NitemarE played with Warmachine and Evirus at The Kathedral
November 7, 2003 -NitemarE played with The Taken and Dead To Rights at The Reillys
September 28, 2003 -NitemarE played the "Gates Of Hell" fest with Razor, Rotting, Feral Horde, Goathorn, Eclipse Eternal, Pitbull Grin, Evirus and Corporate Riot at The Reverb
September 6, 2003 -NitemarE played with Elevator 22, Evirus and Birthright at The Corktown in Hamilton.
August 28, 2003 -NitemarE played with Eclipse Eternal and Lapidate The Kathedral
June 27, 2003 -NitemarE played with Anvil and Goathorn at Sneaky Dee's.

July, 11, 2002 -NitemarE played with Prong at The Kathedral with Kemiztry. This marked the last show with the line-up consisting of Animal, Splatt, Graves, Demon, Juri.
May, 03, 2002 -NitemarE played at The 360 Club with Rotting and Reckon With One
April, 26, 2002 -NitemarE played at The Dungeon in Oshawa with Reckon With One and Kurot
January, 19, 2002 -NitemarE opened for Amon Amarth at the Kathedral
January, 5, 2002 -NitemarE headlined at the Kathedral with Lost, A.D.F., and Miserine(from Quebec), and Fuck Knuckle.

November, 24, 2001 -NitemarE headlined with special guests: Razor, and Reckon With One at Lee's Palace
November, 23, 2001 -NITEMARE played with Anvil and Kurot at The Dungeon in Oshawa.
September, 22, 2001 -NitemarE played with Anvil and Viscioushpere at Lee's Palace
September, 7, 2001 -NITEMARE headlined at the Kathedral, with A.D.F., The Taken, and Evirus
JULY, 21, 2001 -NITEMARE played at the Barrie Fairgrounds
June, 9, 2001 -NITEMARE played at the Kathedral, with Mayhem, and Horde of Worms.
May, 15, 2001 -NITEMARE played at the Kathedral
April, 13, 2001 -NITEMARE played at the Kathedral at the Mega Metal Fest-Evil with Rotting, Horde of Worms, Monstrosity, Visions of the Night, Flesh Feast and Traumatism.
March, 30, 2001 -NITEMARE played at The Dungeon in Oshawa with Anvil. Much Music's Bruce Turner showed up and interveiwed Anvil's Singer/Guitarist, Lips.
March, 16, 2001 -NITEMARE played at The Elmocambo. This was Anvil's C.D. Release Party for "Plenty of Power".
March, 02, 2001 -NITEMARE played at The Dungeon in Oshawa With Eviurs.
February, 16, 2001 -NITEMARE played at the Club 360 with Evirus.
January, 27, 2001 -NITEMARE played at the Kathedral with Visiousphere, Hexus, and Retna Burn.

November, 26, 2000 -NITEMARE played at the Reverb with Visiousphere, and featured the premier live preformence of Glen Drover's,(King Diamond/Megadeth), Eidolon.
August, 12, 2000 -NITEMARE played FreedomFest in Moonstone, Ontario.
JULY, 22, 2000 -NITEMARE played at the Barrie Fairgrounds for the anual Barrie Bike Show.
JULY, 08, 2000 -NITEMARE played with Anvil and Reckon With One and Endless at Lee's Palace. This show marked the debut of singer, Juri Rollo.

OCTOBER,03,1999 -NITEMARE played with OVERKILL and BLOODWORM at Lee's Palace(529 Bloor st.w.
SEPTEMBER,02,1999 -NITEMARE played with ANVIL at the Vox (old Gasworks).
SAT. JULY,17 1999 -Anvil, Razor, NitemarE @ Lee's Palace
SAT. JULY,3 1999 -NITEMARE played FreedomFest with ANVIL and Flud (click here for details).
SAT.JULY,10 1999-NITEMARE played the INDY FEST at the BIG BOP with JAWW, FLUD, TWIN FOLD , and more.
SAT. JUNE,5 1999 -NITEMARE headlined the 360 Club, with FLUD.
MARCH,31,1999 -NITEMARE played with OVERKILL, SOLUS, and HUMAN DISORDER at the el Macambo in Toronto.
JANUARY, 2, 1999 NITEMARE played withCOSA NOSTRA,andTHE TAKEN at the el Mocambo.

NOVEMBER,21,1998 NITEMARE played a benefit show at the Rio Club at 129 Danforth Ave.
NOVEMBER,14,1998 NITEMARE played with IN VEINat the Club 360 at 326 Queen St.W.
AUGUST,29,1998 NITEMARE played with VISIOUSHPERE at J.J.'s Hideaway.
JULY,18,1998 NITEMARE played with TERRA COTTA at The Embassy in London Ont.
JULY,10,1998 NITEMARE played with ANVIL, and, VISIOUSPHERE at Thunder Nightclub at 2714 Danforth Ave.
MAY,29,1998 NITEMARE played with ANVIL, and, JARatLee's Palace at 529 Bloor St.W.
MARCH,13,1998 NITEMARE played with JAR, and, ARISE at Nags Head North.
FEBRUARY,13,1998 NITEMARE did thier C.D. release for "Creation Of Life" with JAR, and, ARISE at The Generator.

DECEMBER,13,1997 NITEMARE played with ANVIL, and, FLESHLESS at The Generator.
MAY,31,1997 NITEMARE played with EXCITER, and, JAWW, and, MIND RAPE at The Dungeon.
APRIL,26,1997 NITEMARE played with JAWW, and, FAIL SAFE SEX at The Pad on 445 King St.W.
FEBRUARY,28,1997 NITEMARE played with ANVIL, and, MIND RAPE at the Zoo Bar East.
JANUARY,11,1997 NITEMARE played with ANVIL , and, XANAX at Nags Head North .

NOVEMBER,16,1996 NITEMARE played with DA REAL TING at Nags Head North.
JUNE,15,1996 NITEMARE played with FENCE , and, TANJ at Mel Lastman Square, Toronto.

NITEMARE played a bunch of out of town shows that included: 2 Punkfests in Marmora, a biker New Years bash, trips to the falls, London, Oakville...and more.

DECEMBER,10,1994 NITEMARE played with JESUS CHRIST, and, KRUG at The Spectrum.


JUNE,16,1993 NITEMARE played with, VARGA at The Hot House in Toronto.
MAY,23,24,1993 NITEMARE played at Uncle Sams in Niagra Falls.
APRIL,16,1993 NITEMARE played a benefit show at The Marquee Club on Coxwell Ave.
APRIL,10,1993 NITEMARE played at The Marquee Club on Coxwell Ave.
MARCH,6,1993 NITEMARE played at The Opera House
FEBRUARY,26,1993 NITEMARE played with JACK DAMAGE at The Spectrum.
FEBRUARY,11,1993 NITEMARE played at The Spectrum.
JANUARY,29,1993 NITEMARE played with P.W. FREAK at the Marquee Club.